If You Doubted (Miss Bayelsa) MBGN 2013 For Her Age — See These Photos Of Her Without Makeup, And See How Young She Looks

Young Bayelsa 1


Young Bayelsa


Young Bayelsa 2


Young Bayelsa 3


The first two photos are of her just lounging without any makeup on.  You can see her skin clearly, as well as her features.  She does indeed to appear to be a very young lady, though many people doubted her age.  If you now glance at the photos from the pageant, where she is wearing heavy makeup, see how much older she appears.  Makeup makes a very big difference.



15 Responses to “If You Doubted (Miss Bayelsa) MBGN 2013 For Her Age — See These Photos Of Her Without Makeup, And See How Young She Looks”

  1. Gaia says:

    Yes make up does make a big difference; she looks prettier without it!!!

  2. Awe says:

    She is better without make up.

  3. shege says:

    yess beta without make up

  4. vivi says:

    All lies. The problem wth Nigerians not jst women, is d fact dt dey do see but prefer to be blinded by obvs lies from pple higher than em in scheme of things. Those photos r obviously from the girl’s younger days. This is obvs.
    ‘Sides, wellapplied, prof mkup like d one she has on at d pageant, outlines ur features n mks u more btful rada dn d 13 goin on 30 luk. She 24 dere about. Ds wnt be 1st time d bruce brodas will try to dceive us. She wd still appear in less make up soon. We’ll see.

  5. kennedy says:

    She is ok with out makeup

  6. lily says:

    She is a controversial queen.does pictures are old pics of her,even her dressing there tells more.

  7. Ezeh Jude says:

    Iam not convinced yet how am I to know that those pictures are not old ones pls she should tell us her real age or is she a footballer?

  8. Yea she is also want to be a model

  9. samuel says:

    Seriously what u guys dnt even know z dat miss NIGERIA z nt upto the age of 18 i knew her when she was a student of Oasis global academy because she was my kid sister’s school mother and you guys are here saying that she is old.RUBBISH.

  10. Capone says:

    The whole thing is rubbish. It was already made up that Miss Bayelsa wins. Everything was just Bayelsa, Bayelsa, Bayelsa.

    Imagine the shameless Bayelsa State Governor appointing her as an aide right away. Aide for what? He’s just gotten himself and others a mistress.

  11. sandra says:

    I see 2 different pple in d 2 diff pix, niaja nd dia way 2 decieve us

  12. diamond says:

    This girl is more than 18 for all I care… That’s how they will lie. She’s probably 23. But she’s a very beautiful girl

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